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"Back to the Suture" - Funny Back Safety Training Video HEAT STRESS Training Video
Man lifting a giant box.  Definitely not using his safe lifting techniques! Employees with heat stress or heat stroke safety video

Need to train your workforce on proper back-safety, without putting them to sleep?

In the factory, or in the office, at work or at home, good back safety habits are crucial. After all, more than 75% of all reported injuries involve the back or neck!

But the most informative back safety training video in the universe is useless if it puts your workforce to sleep.

Wake them up instead, with Back to the Suture -- a 16-minute video that uses humor to drive home essential knowledge about proper back safety. Good posture in the office and the shop, good lifting habits, the importance of exercise, the critical nature of continued vigilance at home... all these concepts - and more - are delivered with humor, through acted scenes and animations, in a way that keeps you listening, keeps you watching, keeps you coming back for more, and installs the know how firmly in your mind.

Want your employees to trade back safety quotes around the water cooler, or in the break room? That's what Back to the Suture is all about.

This back safety training product is available in ENGLISH OR SPANISH versions. Safety Videos Now is the exclusive distributor of this great safety training product.

This heat stress training program explains how to protect your body in high temperature and high humidity environments. The safety video discusses precautions to avoid heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and basic first aid procedures for those stricken with heat exposure. This safety training video is available in either DVD or VHS formats, as well as in English and Spanish. The runtime on the video is 9 minutes and the package also includes an employee quiz and answer sheet.

As other options you can also check out our funny heat stress video and our more comprehensive heat stress training kit.

Employee Safety Orientation Video "Ladders of Doom" - Funny Ladder Safety Training Video
Fresh ideas for safety orientation training video Worker falling off ladder
Employee's need a safety orientation video to train them on safe work practices, to help prevent workplace accidents, and to show them that your company values a safe work environment.   This video is also an important part of your existing safety program for the employee's that are not only new, but for existing employees as well.  Let's face it, workplace accidents can cost your company a lot of money in insurance charges for workers' compensation claims.  Also, don't forget about lost productivity for your skilled workforce.
This video addresses all employees in any industry, and stresses the importance of a safe working attitude.  Topics covered in this video include safety housekeeping, fire prevention and safety, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), the basics of accident prevention and much, much more.  Do yourself a favor and ensure that all employee's see this important video which will complement your company's safety program.

This video is 14 minutes in length and a 2 minute preview can be viewed here:
Need to train your workforce on ladder safety, without putting them to sleep?

The solution is "Ladders of Doom," a funny ladder safety video that uses its humor to both keep employees interested, AND to drive home the finer points proper ladder usage.

In this 15-minute, over-the-top video, you and your workforce will learn to choose, set up, use, maintain, and store the most popular kinds of ladders. Best yet, the funny scenes and animations will stick in your head. You'll remember them later, when you're about to use a ladder yourself - giving you that much needed dose of common sense - at just the right time.

"Ladders of Doom" does a great job at first-time orientation, but because of its "I-want-to-see-that-again" style of humor, it also works great as a regular refresher.

This ladder safety training video is available in ENGLISH OR SPANISH and is definitely one of our best sellers!! Order "Ladders of Doom", and get your workforce laughing all the way to a better ladder safety record, today.

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We also offer a regular or non-funny ladder safety video as well as a ladder safety powerpoint presentation if that is more suitable to your trainees.
Bloodborne Pathogen Training (Includes Leader's Guide and Employee Quiz) My Precious Eyes
Bloodborne pathogens and biohazard material in a sealed bag. Graphic or gory eye safety video
This bloodborne pathogen training video was created with new standards and information relating to transmission, prevention, and Standard Precautions. This training program is geared for employees in any non healthcare related field, as well as for first aid and CPR providers it truly is a complete package. Whether you are a construction company, manufacturer, or office worker, this bloodborne pathogens training is a great instructional and regulatory compliance tool. Available in either and English or Spanish version, and DVD or VHS formats. This video also includes an instructors guide for the trainer, as well as an employee quiz and answer sheet. We all know how critical bloodborne pathogen training compliance is. Get your training completed with this excellent program.

We also offer a more comprehensive bloodborne pathogens training Regulatory Compliance Kit as well.

Another high-impact gory story video relating to eye protection. However, in this program we discuss diseases of the eye, approved eye protection and eye injury prevention. This graphic video shows a variety of eye traumas, eye diseases, and downright motivating scenes of eye injuries. Includes emergency treatment for different types of eye injuries. Good, solid information for eye injury prevention. Be prepared, the video is graphic, and contains pictures and video from employees who were injured on the job while not following safe work practices. These are dramatic high impact videos. Available in either English or Spanish this video is 13 minutes in length. We also have a funny eye safety video and a more serious yet comprehensive "eye safety" safety meeting kit.

Our safety training videos are professionally produced and in most cases are industry specific. Looking for back injury prevention training, HAZWOPER training, OSHA safety videos, forklift training, construction safety training, safety meeting kits, safety powerpoint presentations, or other safety training products? We've got them! The bulk of our safety videos and safety training courses are available in both English and Spanish versions. We are safety professionals and we strive to provide you with the most comprehensive safety training materials in existence. Further, we are here to serve you - our customer. We know how critical employee safety training is and that is why we provide the best safety training materials, at affordable prices, and delivered to your door for a flat shipping fee of $12.00 - no matter if you order 1 or 100 videos! We thank you for your business and as always - be safe!