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If you are looking for safety videos that will really move your trainees on an emotional level, you have found the right place.  Charlie Morecraft's safety videos will motivate your employees to work safely.  These videos will help bring your workplace to the next level of safety awareness.
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Remember Charlie Charlie Morecraft safety video and DVD
Remember Charlie

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"Remember Charlie" Safety Video

"Remember Charlie" takes a look back at the amazing life of Charlie Morecraft, who faced death during a refinery explosion. From an injured employee to his current position, a world's leading presenter, Charlie shows us why we should pay attention to all safety procedures on the job.

Charlie Morecraft has become popular in the OHS world by telling his story. The story begins by explaining how Charlie was working in his plant when he decided to take a shortcut. That one shortcut ended up causing him great pain for years by creating a refinery explosion. Charlie was burned over 50% of his body and ended up spending 5 years in the hospital to help recover. He lost his family as well as everything that he held important.

In "Remember Charlie", Charlie addresses your employees by using the same mindset that they may be in ("Accidents don't happen to me .. they happen to other people"). Charlie will leave your audience on the edge of their seat as he explains exactly why following safety procedures is important in everyday life. He shows that an accident doesn't only effect the victim, but will effect everyone associated with that victim - including their loved ones, employer, and friends. But if you and your employees "Remember Charlie", they will remember why safety procedures are required and why it is important to follow them.

Charlie Morecraft will grab your audience's attention and will show why it is important to follow safety procedures by recalling his life before and after the accident. His courage to admit his fault will give others a new sense of responsibility and will help keep your workplace a safe environment by keeping two words in mind -- "Remember Charlie".

This is the safety video you have heard so much about!

56 Minute Running Time

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Picture of Charlie Morecraft
Safety Everyone's Responsibility - Remember Charlie Part 2

This safety video truly motivates workers and management to come together as a team.   When both parties work not as adversaries but as partners, then you end up with a very strong workplace safety culture.

This video, often referred to as Remember Charlie Part 2, is the powerful follow-up video to Remember Charlie.  Mr. Morecraft salutes those employees who follow safety procedures. Through his dynamic speaking ability, Charlie Morecraft motivates audience members to take responsibility for their own actions, and their own safety observance, because what we do affects the lives of everyone around us.  Trust us, if you liked the Remember Charlie video, you absolutely need to add this video to your training aresenal.

Video is 47 minutes long and is available in DVD or VHS, and English or Spanish.  If you need another language give us a call at 800-859-1870 ext. 2 to check availability.