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Looking for construction safety videos and training materials?  Look here!  Topics include back injury prevention, lockout/tagout, electrical safety, proper use of hand tools, and much, much more.
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Hazardous materials training videos

Designed for employees in the construction industry who may be exposed to lead in a variety of situations while performing their job duties. Also, we do carry an OSHA lead standard regulation training kit if you need a more comprehensive solution.

Employee using a table saw while using safety procedures and personal protective equipment
Table Saw and Radial Saw Safety Video

Many industries use table and radial arm saws in their daily operations. This important table saw safety training video will show your employee's the importance of using their saws safely. Kick back, eye protection, hearing protection, and machine guarding are discussed in this brief 5 minute video. Give your employees who use saws the safety training that they need with this short video. Available in DVD or VHS versions.

Drill Safe Drill Smart

Thousands of incidents, accidents, and injuries happen each year in the drilling industry… and ALL of them could have been avoided!

In the fun, highly watchable, and value-packed, 30-minute video, "Drill Safe, Drill Smart," you and your team will learn about the hazards of drilling, and gain new insight to help keep you safe.

From slips, trips, and falls to materials handling, from chemical exposure to machine guarding, from accidents to electrocution and everything in between, you'll learn about the hazards of drilling, and how to avoid them.

You'll cover site safety assessments, PPE, site mobilization and rig setup, blocking and leveling, machine controls labeling, and teardown.

Best yet, the video delivers its message in an entertaining, no-yawns way, complete with fun cartoons to keep your people wide awake.

Whether you're drilling for groundwater in someone's backyard, constructing a geothermal vertical closed-loop well, or taking core samples on a geotechnical or environmental site, "Drill Safe, Drill Smart" is the perfect tool to get you thinking safe, or, if you’re already an old hand, to give your skills just the polishing they need!

Drill rigs and support equipment, bentonite and sand-based products, weather conditions, traffic, inhalation risks, electrical hazards, and underground utilities - our industry confronts us with so many safety challenges! Arm your team for safety now, with "Drill Safe, Drill Smart."

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Hazardous materials training videos

Meets training requirements for basic chemical spills and chemical clean up procedures. Emphasizes individual safety, proper equipment, and general safety rules relating to chemical spill clean up.

Hazardous materials training videos

Looking for a training tool to show your employees how to safely handle flammable liquids? This comprehensive video will train your employees to be safe when using flammables. As you know using flammables requires special procedures and safe handling, storing, using, and disposal of materials. This employee training program meets basic requirements for training personnel using flammable liquids. Available in either English or Spanish and VHS or DVD, this safety training program is 10 minutes in length.

Hazardous materials training videos

Bonding and grounding of flammables is extremely important to reduce the exposure of explosions and fire due to static electricity during transfer of flammable liquids. This safety training video is an important component of your workplace safety training programs if your employees are exposed to flammable liquids. This employee training video is 9 minutes long and is available in a DVD or VHS.

Hazardous materials training videos

General awareness and basic safety for persons who must test and monitor for hazardous gases in such areas as trenching operations, confined space entry, and others areas.

Hazardous materials training videos

Designed to train employees in hazards and safety procedures when exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning. Explains what causes carbon monoxide and how to prevent exposure to this hazard.

Personal protective equipment safety training

This safety training program explains personal protective equipment, its use on the job site, and more. If you are looking to train your employees on the need for PPE, the proper uses of PPE and the potential dangers of not using the appropriate gear, this training video is what you are looking for. Available as a DVD or VHS and in an English or Spanish version the video is 10 minutes long.  We also carry a comprehensive PPE training package as well.

Personal protective equipment safety training
HEARING CONSERVATION in the Construction Field

This excellent video training program explains how hearing loss is acquired through noise, what type of protection to use, and emphasizes the employee's responsibility in wearing the equipment when provided. This employee training video is available in a DVD or VHS format and is 12 minutes long. If you are looking for a more comprehensive hearing conservation training program we have that as well.

Personal protective equipment safety training

Program explains the different types of respirators, how they are used, some of their capabilities and limitations. An excellent training program in the use of respiratory protection equipment for employees.  We also carry a more comprehensive PPE training program as well.

Workplace safety

This safety training video is designed to train all employees in the use of GFCIs and how the system works. This is an excellent program to increase electrical safety awareness amongst your employees and keeps them well informed of potential hazards. Program also explains elements of the mandatory GFCI written program. This employee safety training video is available as a VHS or a DVD and is 11 minutes long.

Construction safety videos
General Safe Work Practices

Outlines basic job responsibilities, safe work practices such as housekeeping, safe lifting, personal protective equipment. Meets requirements for training in exposure to "general hazards."

Construction safety video
Accidents - "It Can't Happen to Me!"

This is an excellent training aid to help reduce workplace injuries.  The video discusses how accidents are caused and how to prevent them from happening in the first place. Emphasis is on unsafe acts of employees and their responsibility for injury prevention. This employee training video is available in English or Spanish and in DVD or VHS versions.  The length of the training video is 9 minutes.

Construction safety video

This is another program to increase safety awareness and improve personal accountability for behavior on the job. Excellent program to improve awareness and responsibility in the company's safety efforts.

Worker digging a hole
Call Before You Dig Anything

Emphasizes the need to contact the necessary authorities before excavating or digging. Electrical, gas, utilities, telephone, and how to prevent accidents associated with digging operations.

Construction safety video
Framer Safety

Orientation program for persons assigned to framing. Meets training requirements of exposure to general hazards.

Construction safety video

(English)(9 min.) VHS $99.95 | DVD $135.00 Demonstrates basic exercises to "warm up" the back before beginning work. These exercises will help prevent back injuries and enhance an individual's health.

Fire burning out of control
Fire Prevention in the Construction Industry

This program is a great tool for teaching all construction personnel on fire prevention techniques.

Construction safety video

Educates construction personnel on the proper procedure for permits and hot work permits.