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Employee using a table saw while using safety procedures and personal protective equipment
Table Saw and Radial Saw Safety Video

Many industries use table and radial arm saws in their daily operations. This important table saw safety training video will show your employee's the importance of using their saws safely. Kick back, eye protection, hearing protection, and machine guarding are discussed in this brief 5 minute video. Give your employees who use saws the safety training that they need with this short video. Available in DVD or VHS versions.

Workplace safety

This safety training video is designed to train all employees in the use of GFCIs and how the system works. This is an excellent program to increase electrical safety awareness amongst your employees and keeps them well informed of potential hazards. Program also explains elements of the mandatory GFCI written program. This employee safety training video is available as a VHS or a DVD and is 11 minutes long.

Construction worker using proper and safe rigging practices
Rigging Safety

We have all heard the phrase... "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link". When it comes to crane operations, rigging can often be that "weak link". How a load is attached to a crane can make the difference between a successful lift and an unfortunate accident. And rigging-related accidents can often be deadly, due to the large and heavy loads that are lifted. A small miscalculation, or a brief moment of inattention, and tragedy could strike. Once a load falls not much can be done to stop it, and there is little time for people to move safely out of the way. A coworker can be injured or killed, and expensive equipment and cargo could be damaged or destroyed... even the crane itself. This training product on "Rigging Safety" point out to employees that over 90% of rigging-related accidents are caused by human error... and that they are the key to preventing these incidents.

Topics covered in these products include:
* Physical and mental preparation
* Personal protective equipment
* Equipment inspection
* Hazard assessment
* Slings and hitches
* Hand signals
* Load angles
* and more

We also carry a more extensive product, the rigging safety meeting kit if you need a complete training solution.

Cutting metal with a tool with machine guards in place for safety.
Machine Guard Safety Training

Machine guard safety is a very important topic for your employees to receive training on.  Every year, employees who use machinery are injured on the machines that they use every day.   This safety training video emphasizes the dangers associated with working with machines, how those dangers can be controlled through the proper use of machine guards, and how to inspect and maintain those guards.  Special attention is given to basic machine operations, perimeter and drive train guards, and both adjustable and fixed machine guards.  Give your employees who use machinery the safety training they need with this excellent video.

Runtime is 19 minutes, and it is available in both DVD and VHS, as well as English and Spanish.

Worker on scaffolding
Scaffold and Scaffolding Safety

This important safety training video is meant for anyone who works on or around scaffolding.  The safety video goes over basic safety rules, tips on how to use scaffolding safely, and operating procedures for scaffold use.  The video also includes a CD-ROM with a leaders guide, a written test, and other written materials.  If your employees use scaffolding than this video is an essential training tool for your business.

Powder actuated tool
Powder Actuated Tool Safety - Including Ramset Guns and Nail Guns

If you use a powder actuated tool you must be sure that you use it safely, and have the proper training. This safety training video discusses safety procedures, the different types of equipment, hazards, types of loads, and how to safely use a nail gun or powder actuated tool. Hilti guns, ramset guns, and nail guns are very useful but are potentially dangerous so proper training is a must. This 10 minute video will serve as an excellent safety training resource.

Aerial lift in action

(English or Spanish) (10 min.) Demonstrates proper donning procedures for body harnesses. Discusses the importance of regular equipment inspection, as well as other safety issues related to the use of aerial lifts.

Lockout tagout tag being used correctly

Training on lockout tagout is mandatory training for both “affected” and “authorized” personnel.  Training for safety and OSHA requirements is critical.  Our lockout tagout safety training video explains what lockout-tagout is.  Also teaches how to control potential accidents from machines and equipment that may be started accidentally through a variety of energy sources. This lockout tagout training video is 10 minutes long and available as a DVD or VHS.

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We also offer a gory lockout tagout video that is very motivational as it is graphic and grabs the attention of most trainees.
Worker using a power saw safely

This video meets the training requirements for those employees who use hand and power tools. Emphasis is on individual responsibility, taking care of the equipment and general safety rules relating to these tools.

Ladder safety and proper use of ladders training video

This ladder safety video is designed primarily for step ladders and straight ladders. The training video explains safety requirements, belt buckle rule, 4:1 ratio of straight ladders and how to reduce ladder injuries from using incorrect procedures and unsafe behaviors. If your intention is to reduce potential injuries with employees using ladders, this training program fits that need. This employee training video is 9 minutes long and is available as a DVD or a VHS. We also have a more comprehensive ladder safety training package as well.