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Looking for safety videos that will both train - and entertain?  Your employees WILL LOVE these safety videos!!
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Worker falling off ladder
"Ladders of Doom" - Funny Ladder Safety Training Video

Need to train your workforce on ladder safety, without putting them to sleep?

The solution is "Ladders of Doom," a funny ladder safety video that uses its humor to both keep employees interested, AND to drive home the finer points proper ladder usage.

In this 15-minute, over-the-top video, you and your workforce will learn to choose, set up, use, maintain, and store the most popular kinds of ladders. Best yet, the funny scenes and animations will stick in your head. You'll remember them later, when you're about to use a ladder yourself - giving you that much needed dose of common sense - at just the right time.

"Ladders of Doom" does a great job at first-time orientation, but because of its "I-want-to-see-that-again" style of humor, it also works great as a regular refresher.

This ladder safety training video is available in ENGLISH OR SPANISH and is definitely one of our best sellers!! Order "Ladders of Doom", and get your workforce laughing all the way to a better ladder safety record, today.

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We also offer a regular or non-funny ladder safety video as well as a ladder safety powerpoint presentation if that is more suitable to your trainees.
Man lifting a giant box.  Definitely not using his safe lifting techniques!
"Back to the Suture" - Funny Back Safety Training Video

Need to train your workforce on proper back-safety, without putting them to sleep?

In the factory, or in the office, at work or at home, good back safety habits are crucial. After all, more than 75% of all reported injuries involve the back or neck!

But the most informative back safety training video in the universe is useless if it puts your workforce to sleep.

Wake them up instead, with Back to the Suture -- a 16-minute video that uses humor to drive home essential knowledge about proper back safety. Good posture in the office and the shop, good lifting habits, the importance of exercise, the critical nature of continued vigilance at home... all these concepts - and more - are delivered with humor, through acted scenes and animations, in a way that keeps you listening, keeps you watching, keeps you coming back for more, and installs the know how firmly in your mind.

Want your employees to trade back safety quotes around the water cooler, or in the break room? That's what Back to the Suture is all about.

This back safety training product is available in ENGLISH OR SPANISH versions. Safety Videos Now is the exclusive distributor of this great safety training product.

Picture of funny office training video
"Night Of The Living Office" - Funny Office Safety Training Video

Hey, this is the office - NOT manufacturing. So we don't need to worry about safety, right? Think again. Millions of office-related injuries and illnesses happen each year, with costs in the billions of dollars. Wake up your "office zombies" with this informative and entertaining, 16-minute office safety DVD.

This funny video covers the common office safety hazards, including stress, ventilation, lightning, noise, layout and housekeeping, exits, fire, storage, security, chemicals, electrical, office machinery, furniture, ladders, computer displays, and employee habits.

Fact-filled, acted scenes and narration arm your employees with accident-preventing action items, made fun and memorable by incidents with time machines, doorways to other dimensions, zombies, maniacal lady bugs, and other sketch-comedy style bits.

Very watchable and highly memorable, this video is BRAND NEW and was produced in 2009. Safety Videos Now is the exclusive distributor of this great safety training product.

Clip From Our Funny Safety Orientation Training Video
Funny Safety Orientation Video "Safety Orientation - With Bacon!!!"

If you're looking for a general safety orientation video that won't put your staff to sleep, look no further.

It's true: safety orientation videos are often quite boring. Which is why we've made ours with BACON!

Follow the examples of Kevin Bacon (no relation) and Tofu Grace as they lead your staff on a 16-minute, informative journey through the worlds of general safety orientation - without a slice or strip of boredom to be found!

You'll learn about the dangers of text messaging, and other enemies of your attention, like emotions, alcohol, and drugs. You'll cover concepts like prepping for emergencies, MSDS sheets, proper lifting and ergonomics, PPE, workplace hazards, habits, and proper tool selection and usage, all with funny scenes and acted skits that'll put the knowledge firmly in your employees heads.

Order "Safety Orientation - with Bacon!!!" today. Your wide-awake, safety-conscious staff will thank you!

This video is BRAND NEW and was produced in 2010. Safety Videos Now is the exclusive distributor of this great safety training product.

Safety Video For Drivers That Is Funny
Funny Driving Safety Video

A driving safety video only works if it holds your attention. That said, "funny" without "informative" doesn't do any good, either.

That's where, "Driving Safety, with Guns and Bell Bottoms" comes in. This 15-minute, 1970's "cop show" themed video will hold the attention of your trainees, AND will deliver the great information they need to stay safe.

Info-packed narration and funny scenes will guarantee your class stays wide awake while assimilating all the basics of proper driving safety. Topics like inattention, text messaging, speeding, drugs and alcohol, failure to yield, road conditions, weather, vehicle maintenance, and brakes are all covered, along with the importance of preparation, keeping calm, maintaining a safe following distance, and night driving.

The perfect mix of entertainment and instruction, "Driving Safety, with Guns and Bell Bottoms" will bring your staff or students up to speed in a fun, memorable way.

This video was produced in March of 2010. Safety Videos Now is the exclusive distributor of this great safety training product.

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We also offer a non-funny driver safety training kit if you needed that product.
Or, we also have a driving safety Powerpoint presentation as well.
Funny Training Video For Slips, Trips & Falls
Funny Slips, Trips and Falls Training Video

MOST workplace accidents come from slips, trips, and falls! But with the right knowledge, MOST are preventable! But here's the question: How to get that knowledge into your employees heads, without boring them? "Slip, Trip, Fall, Explode!!!" is the latest entry in the popular "Training Without Boredom" video collection. 15 minutes of crucial info on slips, trips, and falls - AND how to avoid them, mixed with funny cartoons and acted scenes that will keep your people wide awake. Your staff will learn the common culprits, and what to do about lighting, footwear, slippery floors, housekeeping, uneven surfaces, stairs and ladders, transporting objects, and their own habits. Order "Slip, Trip, Fall, Explode!!!" now, and get a grip on our biggest, meanest accident producer.

Humorous forklift training
FORKING AROUND (Funny Forklift Safety Training)

(Humorous) (English) (10 min.) From our "What's Wrong With This Picture" series, students are asked to identify the safety hazards in video clips. The clips are played back with narration and graphics depicting the errors. We get phone calls praising us for this one!

Funny safety videos

This program explains eye protection requirements in a humorous manner. You will find your employees respond well to this entertaining and informative video! Available as a DVD or a VHS, this video is 16 minutes long.

Humorous safety videos
THE DARK AGES OF SAFETY (Funny Safety Video)

The "best ever" for its subtle humor and safety message. Contains black and white footage from the National Archives showing the safety efforts from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. It's non offensive, humorous, yet powerful motivator for safety education and obeying safety rules. This funny safety training video is available as a VHS or a DVD and is 12 minutes long.

Humorous safety instruction
WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Volume 1 (Funny Safety Video)

This program provides a fresh approach to video based safety training. Students are asked to identify safety hazards in scenes from video clips. The segments are repeated with narration and graphics explaining what hazards or unsafe acts exist. This method utilizes employee participation to make the training more interesting. This training product is available in a DVD or a VHS and is 16 minutes long. Be sure to check out all of our funny safety videos - they will be a hit with your employees!

Funny safety video
BOOK EM DANNO (Funny Safety Video)

This is a humorous video which is a takeoff of a 1940s private investigator character who reports to work early and walks around the workplace detecting numerous hazards. Guaranteed to "spark" any safety training program, yet improve safety awareness for all employees. (Not offensive to any audience). This funny training program is available in a DVD or a VHS and is 17 minutes long.

Dr. Feel and Palmela Handerson narrate this funny hand safety video
Funny Hand Safety Video "Focus on Your Fingers - A Unique New Look at Hand Safety"

If you need a fresh approach to hand safety training look no further!   This funny hand safety video is narrated by two fictional characters, "Dr. Feel" and "Palmela Handerson."   Your employees are going to love this video!  Several safety scenarios are discussed in a humorous manner and told from the hands perspective.   Constant reminders are threaded throughout the video stressing the importance of hand safety and the need to protect your hands and fingers at all times.   Most importantly, these lessons will catch your employees attention through humor.  There is not another hand safety video like this on the market! 

Brand new and produced in 2008, the runtime on the DVD is 10 minutes.  We also carry a gory hand safety video that takes a much different approach and you should check that out as well.

Funny safety video on heat stress
HEAT STRESS (Funny Safety Video)

This is a humorous approach to heat stress safety. Your employees will LOVE this safety training! It is very important that your employees know all they can about the effects of heat stress on the body, how to protect themselves in the sun and heat, and, how to be more productive when it gets hot outside. This training product is available in either DVD or VHS format and is 17 minutes in length.