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Looking for a very dramatic way to drive home the importance of a safe workplace?  Look no further than the videos in this series.  Be prepared, they are very graphic, and contain pictures and video from employees who were injured on the job while not following safe work practices.  These are dramatic high impact videos.
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Gory hand workplace injury
Hand Injuries, The Gory Story

Want to prevent hand injuries with your employees? This VERY motivating training program uses photographs and videos to illustrate the need for hand safety. The video follows an injured person, "Bob," from his initial injury, through surgery, and on to recovery. The extremely gruesome photos of people who were severely burned from electrical energy, crushing injuries, failure to follow lockout tagout procedures and much more. If this training session doesn't grab the attention of your trainees that nothing will - it is that effective. This safety training video is 14 minutes long and is available in a DVD or VHS format.

Dangerous fire burning
Fire Prevention, The Gory Story

Looking to reduce the potential for injuries involving fire? This safety training video will graphically impact your employees in the need for greater prevention of fires. Dramatic live footage of burned people, plus very graphic photos of burned persons. Stresses the need for proper handling of flammables, bonding/grounding and fire prevention in general. Available in an English DVD or VHS, this safety training video is 15 minutes long.

Gory picture of person laying in a morgue
What Happens When I Die? (Autopsy)

Want to keep your employees awake during safety training? This is the MOST DRAMATIC of all high-impact videos. For those trainers who use High Impact/Gory Stories programs to motivate employees for safety THIS IS THE HIGHEST SAFETY MOTIVATOR video you can get. Program discusses safety, unsafe, acts/behavior, choices and death. Then, the student is taken completely through a real autopsy. Never before seen, explicit, very graphic, live moving video of an actual autopsy. If you are motivating for safety, accident prevention, drinking/driving prevention, or other similar training, this program is a must and it will do the job! Available as a DVD or VHS, this 13 minute safety training video should be added to your library if your goal is to reduce accidents and raise awareness.

Graphic or gory eye safety video
My Precious Eyes

Another high-impact gory story video relating to eye protection. However, in this program we discuss diseases of the eye, approved eye protection and eye injury prevention. This graphic video shows a variety of eye traumas, eye diseases, and downright motivating scenes of eye injuries. Includes emergency treatment for different types of eye injuries. Good, solid information for eye injury prevention. Be prepared, the video is graphic, and contains pictures and video from employees who were injured on the job while not following safe work practices. These are dramatic high impact videos. Available in either English or Spanish this video is 13 minutes in length. We also have a funny eye safety video and a more serious yet comprehensive "eye safety" safety meeting kit.

Gory finger after getting hit by a hammer
High Impact 1

Need to jolt your trainees into seeing the need to follow safety procedures? This safety video shows graphic pictures of workplace injuries to illustrate the need for compliance with safety procedures. Viewers should be warned that this video contains extremely graphic pictures. This is the real thing. Available as a DVD or a VHS this safety training video is 12 minutes long.

Disfigured human body
High Impact 2

Are your trainees bored with the same old safety training videos? This safety video displays photographs of seriously injured persons. Designed to stimulate safety thinking and actions, and the need to follow company safety protocols. Includes arms, legs, hands and other topics that are routinely associated with work related injuries. This is one of our best selling safety training programs. This attention grabbing safety training video is 11 minutes long and is available as a DVD or VHS and in English or Spanish.

Workplace injury going to hospital
Accidents - "It Can't Happen to Me!"

Do you have employees who think that nothing can happen to them if they don't follow safety practices? This training video shows how accidents are caused and stresses the importance of accident prevention and emphasizes unsafe acts of employees. This video is 9 minutes long.

Finger injury for employee improperly using compressed air while at work.
Working Safely With Compressed Air The Gory Story

If you are looking for a safety video that will capture the attention of your employees who use compressed air then look no further.   This is a gory version of the safety training video on compressed air.  The video teaches the viewer about the potential hazards of working with compressed air powered tools and air compressors.  Discussion points include proper protection for users of compressed air, using compressed air at work, and safety processes for using air powered tools.  The video also covers a few cases of employees who were hurt while improperly using compressed air.  This video will certainly make an impact on those who watch it!!  Produced in November of 2008 the content of this video is new.

Accidents happen at work when employee do not use cranes and hoists properly.
Cranes, Chains, Slings and Hoists - The Gory Story

If you or your employees work with cranes than you know the importance of having a knowledgeable operator of that crane at all times.   The crane operator needs to understand how to use, inspect, and maintain their equipment.  When it comes to safety, training of crane operators is vitally important because one minor mistake can spell disaster.   This safety training video explains and illustrates, in a graphic way, what can happen when an employee does not use a crane safely.  If you are looking for a video for your crane operators that will grab their attention, and teach them the importance of operating their equipment safely, then look no further.  We also have a non-gory version of the crane safety video as well.

This safety video is 12 minutes in length, and is available in either DVD or VHS format.  Produced in March of 2009, the content of this video is new.

Hand that was injured in a chainsaw accident
Chainsaw Accidents And Suffering The Consequences

Everyone knows chainsaws are dangerous tools. However, most employees are tired of hearing about safety and being constantly bombarded with safety training. For this reason, we are taking a different approach with this video. We discuss how to have a chainsaw accident and what the consequences of that injury will be. Of course for this training program we do it in a graphic or gory fashion so your employees know exactly what a chainsaw accident looks like. We discuss having the right attitude towards safety training and what the result is if we ignore safety guidelines. If you are looking to make an impact on your employees who use chainsaws, and want them to watch a safety training video that will stick in their mind, this is the training product for you.

This safety training video also comes with an employee quiz and answer sheet as well as other supporting materials. Available in English only at this time, the video is 8 minutes long and is available in DVD or VHS.

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If you are looking for a regular or non-gory option, then be sure to check out our regular chainsaw safety training video.
Danger of death sign
Lockout Tagout Gory Version

Looking for a lockout tagout video that will catch your trainees attention and make them think twice about their safety attitude? This training video is truly motivational and is for anyone who works on or around machines and equipment. The video goes over lockout tagout procedures and requirements but graphically shows what happens when employees don't adhere to solid lockout tagout procedures. If you don't want your workers to take short cuts in their safety behaviors than this graphic video will send a very strong message of "what could happen" if proper procedures are not followed.

Unsafe forklift operator drives forklift off dock
Forklift Operations Gory Training Video

If you have forklift drivers, and you REALLY want to train them to be safe on the job, then you need this compelling safety training video. We know that forklift accidents can serious and sometimes deadly. When is comes to operating a forklift there is no room for error as one mistake can cause a major injury. From running over a foot, to putting the forks of your lift into places they shouldn't be, major injuries can happen as a result of operator error. This video will train your operators on a variety of forklift operations and gives a gory reminder of the consequences of not using the forklift in a safe manner. If you want to prevent forklift injuries, this video goes a long way in telling your trainees the potential problems of not having safety on the brain at all times. This 8 minute video is available in DVD or VHS formats.

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We also offer a non-gory forklift training video if that would fit your needs better.
Safe use of a portable grinder
Abrasive Wheels And Grinder Safety - High Impact Safety Video

Do you have employees who work with grinders and abrasive wheels? Are you looking to reduce the number of injuries in this important area?  This is a high impact safety video that your employees will respond to.  This video discusses how lacerations and foreign body injuries occur.  Also addresses why the use of gloves and safety regulations are required. This hard hitting safety video will keep your employees attention!  Available as a DVD or a VHS and in English or Spanish.  The length of this employee training video is 7 minutes.