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Looking for safety videos and other products for hotel, motel, or resort  employees?  Look here!  Topics include back injury prevention, housekeeper safety, and hazard communications training.  We also have videos that relate to golf course employee safety as well.
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Fire extinguisher training video

Fire extinguisher training plays a critical role in your overall safety training program. The fire extinguisher has the potential to save lives or save property if it is used correctly. This fire extinguisher training video discusses the different types of fires, various types of fire extinguishers, the PASS system for using an extinguisher, and other techniques of using fire extinguishers. Perhaps the most powerful video on fire safety training we offer, the fire gory story will surely make an impact on your employees when it comes to fire prevention training. Regardless of which training product you choose, one thing is for sure - teaching your employees or your loved ones the proper way to use a fire extinguisher is extremely important. These training videos will accomplish that important goal.

Hotel safety
EMPLOYEE SAFETY ORIENTATION for Hotel or Motel Employees

All employees must be made aware of exposure to "general hazards." Includes basic requirements, electrical, mechanical, back injury prevention, fire protection, personal equipment, and more. We also offer a more comprehensive employee safety orientation kit as well.

Hotel safety videos
HAZARD COMMUNICATIONS for Hotel or Motel Employees

Chemical and hazardous materials used in the hotel environment are described in this program. Material safety data sheets, labeling, and basic safety are covered.  Available in either English or Spanish, this is an important training video for your hotel or motel staff member.

Hotel safety training videos
REDUCING UNSAFE ACTS for Hotel or Motel Employees

The vast majority of accidents in the workplace are caused by unsafe acts of employees. The emphasis for accident reduction should be on reducing unsafe acts by employees in the hotel or motel industries. Available in either English or Spanish, and DVD or VHS, this safety training video is 12 minutes in length.

Hotel restaurant workers on the hot line

Employees working in food and/or beverage services must have adequate training in sanitation, bacteria growth, temperature controls, personal hygiene, food handling, and insect/rodent control. Great safety training video for new employees or for retraining or refreshing the training for longer term associates. Available in an English or Spanish version, and DVD or VHS, this safety training video is 12 minutes long.

Housekeeping department safety education

Are you looking to decrease injuries in your housekeeping department? This important video will lead the way!  Instructs the housekeeping employee in specific safety hazards. Included are cleaning techniques, chemical use, back injury prevention, and more.  The housekeeping department in most hotels has the most challenges with employee injuries.   This safety training video is geared towards housekeepers to help alleviate costly workplace injuries. Available in either English or Spanish and either DVD or VHS, this safety training video is 12 minutes long.

Back injury prevention for hotel workers

If you want to decrease the occurrence of back injuries in your hotel then this training video is for you! It addresses lifting hazards and demonstrates how to lift safely. Specific techniques are required in the wide variety of lifting tasks in the hotel/motel industry. Available in either English or Spanish and either DVD or VHS, this safety video is 10 minutes long.

Employee on a golf course working safely

This safety training video is designed to improve your golf course maintenance safety program and help meet OSHA requirements for safety training. It discusses the importance of golf course equipment training, maintenance and proper use. Also covers the importance of wearing the proper clothing, using the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), and being careful using chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. This safety training video is a must have for your golf course employees.

Golf cart safety training program
Golf Cart Safety

This golf cart safety training video includes not only regular golf carts, but also industrial use carts, service carts, as well as other similar service carts. Focus is on operating, safely maintaining of electric batteries, general safe driving techniques, and basic safety requirements. As far as safety training, the golf cart is one of the most neglected vehicles in industrial operations. You simply can not allow operators to drive these vehicles without proper training and this safety video accomplishes that task. The video is also accompanied by a diskette of test questions and answers so you can be sure your employees not only attend the training, but learn the valuable safety lessons the video contains! Video is available in English or Spanish versions.

Runtime: 9 Min.
Hotel workers using a laundry machine safely
Laundy Room Safety Training

There are many safety considerations in a laundry facility such as machine guarding, safe lifting, heat-related concerns and others. Provides laundry workers with a basic overview of their safety responsibilities. Given that the majority of hotel injuries occur in either the housekeeping or laundry areas, this is an important piece of your safety training program. Available in English or Spanish and VHS or DVD. Running time of the video is 12 minutes.