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Looking for safety videos and other safety products for a manufacturing environment?  Look here!  Topics include MSDS, hazard communication training, OSHA training, lockout/tagout and more.
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Manufacturing safety training video
MSDS and Hazard Communication Training

(English or Spanish)(18 min.) Meets OSHA requirements for training employees who use chemicals and other hazardous materials in the workplace. Describes material safety data sheets (MSDS), labeling, and basic safety when using these materials.

Manufacturing safety training video
Workplace Safety Inspection Checklist

(English)(11 min.) Overview of what workplace inspections are all about, how to complete inspection forms, and basics relating to unsafe conditions in any type of workplace.

Fire extinguisher training video

Fire extinguisher training plays a critical role in your overall safety training program. The fire extinguisher has the potential to save lives or save property if it is used correctly. This fire extinguisher training video discusses the different types of fires, various types of fire extinguishers, the PASS system for using an extinguisher, and other techniques of using fire extinguishers. Perhaps the most powerful video on fire safety training we offer, the fire gory story will surely make an impact on your employees when it comes to fire prevention training. Regardless of which training product you choose, one thing is for sure - teaching your employees or your loved ones the proper way to use a fire extinguisher is extremely important. These training videos will accomplish that important goal.

Manufacturing safety training video
Employee Safety Orientation

Meets OSHA requirements for training all employees who are exposed to "general hazards." Includes basic requirements, electrical, mechanical, back injury prevention, fire prevention, fire protection, personal protective equipment, and more. Available in either English or Spanish, VHS or DVD, this training program is a great way to start a safety culture immediately upon hiring a new employee.

Manufacturing safety training video
OSHA's Hazardous Energy Source (Lockout/Tagout)

This is a great training tool for "affected" and "authorized" employees in lockout/tagout procedures. For your manufacturing environment, this safety training video is a must!

Safe workplace
Facts About OSHA Inspections

(English)(16 min.) Developed from OSHA's requirements and guidelines relating to inspections. This program tells employers how to prepare for OSHA inspections. Covers regular inspections, imminent danger situations, and the inspection process.

Fresh ideas for safety orientation training video
Employee Safety Orientation Video

Employee's need a safety orientation video to train them on safe work practices, to help prevent workplace accidents, and to show them that your company values a safe work environment.   This video is also an important part of your existing safety program for the employee's that are not only new, but for existing employees as well.  Let's face it, workplace accidents can cost your company a lot of money in insurance charges for workers' compensation claims.  Also, don't forget about lost productivity for your skilled workforce.
This video addresses all employees in any industry, and stresses the importance of a safe working attitude.  Topics covered in this video include safety housekeeping, fire prevention and safety, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), the basics of accident prevention and much, much more.  Do yourself a favor and ensure that all employee's see this important video which will complement your company's safety program.

This video is 14 minutes in length and a 2 minute preview can be viewed here:
Bloodborne pathogens and biohazard material in a sealed bag.
Bloodborne Pathogen Training (Includes Leader's Guide and Employee Quiz)

This bloodborne pathogen training video was created with new standards and information relating to transmission, prevention, and Standard Precautions. This training program is geared for employees in any non healthcare related field, as well as for first aid and CPR providers it truly is a complete package. Whether you are a construction company, manufacturer, or office worker, this bloodborne pathogens training is a great instructional and regulatory compliance tool. Available in either and English or Spanish version, and DVD or VHS formats. This video also includes an instructors guide for the trainer, as well as an employee quiz and answer sheet. We all know how critical bloodborne pathogen training compliance is. Get your training completed with this excellent program.

We also offer a more comprehensive bloodborne pathogens training Regulatory Compliance Kit as well.

MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet binder.
Hazard Communication for the New Millenium

(English or Spanish)(16 Min.)
This hazcom safety video provides updated training in the areas of MSDS, labeling, physical and health hazards, and information generally required for employee training. Also includes a full set of written materials to include a leader's guide, and employee quiz and answer sheet. This is a full training package for hazardous communications.

Safety meeting training materials
"Eye Safety" Safety Meeting Kit

Make "Eye Safety" your next safety meeting topic with this complete kit!

The "Eye Safety" Safety Meeting Kit™ shows how many eye problems are caused by not paying attention to the work employees are doing, or by not wearing the appropriate protective equipment. It reminds employees that eye injuries can easily happen to them and shows them how to prevent these injuries. Most employees take "healthy eyes" for granted. But our eyes are really very fragile, and statistics show that eye injuries occur frequently in the workplace.

Materials in the kit include a DVD/VHS program, five motivational posters, and 30 employee booklets. The posters in the kit emphasize the importance of using proper protective eye wear. The DVD/VHS program and employee booklets include information on physiology of the eye and how it functions, common eye injuries and how they are caused, short and long-term effects of eye injuries, eye care and safety practices, selecting and using appropriate personal protective equipment, and more. The DVD/VHS program in the kit comes with a comprehensive leader's guide, reproducible scheduling & attendance form, employee quiz, training certificate and training log.