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This is the area for safety training videos that don't fit in other categories!  Look here for tornado safety, hurricanes, floods, dog bite prevention, spider bite first aid, and bee sting safety.
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Citizens wearing germ protecting masks to prevent swine flu
Disease Preparedness - Including a Swine Flu H1N1 Safety Primer

Flu, Colds & Epidemic Preparedness!!

The Disease Preparedness DVD teaches your staff or students the basics of staying healthy in the face of colds, flu, and pandemic threats. Topics include the importance of hand washing, not touching your face, proper coughing and sneezing habits (sneeze into the crook of your arm - NOT your hands!), and why its so important to stay home from work or school if you get sick.

You'll also learn about bacteria, antibiotics, viruses, flu bugs, and other respiratory illnesses and sicknesses. What are they? How are they transmitted? How can you avoid catching them? And what should you do if you DO get sick?

Available in DVD format, this safety video was updated in March of 2012, so it has the most up to date information of any training or educational video on the market.

Recordkeeping for insurance paperwork and OSHA materials

Designed for administrative persons responsible for safety and insurance related reports. Explains accident investigation, proper completion of records, procedures for hospital/clinic visits and follow-up paperwork.  This training program is available in a VHS or a DVD and is 12 minutes in length. If you are looking for a more comprehensive OSHA recordkeeping training program we have that as well.

Tornado damaged area
Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Floods

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods are a threat that everyone should be prepared for. This program is an excellent guide on what steps to take so that you and your employees are prepared both at work, and at home.  Keep your employees safe with this important safety training topic.  Available in English or Spanish, and VHS or DVD format.  Runtime is 15 minutes.

Dog on the attack
Dog Bite Prevention

This safety training video is directed at mail carriers and meter readers but also applicable to anyone working around dogs and potentially dangerous animals. Includes on-camera segment from Mr. R. Berman Animal Behaviorist. Excellent program to keep your employees trained on the importance of dog and animal bite avoidance.  Available in VHS or DVD format.  Runtime is 16 minutes.

Wasp carrying a dead spider
Killer Bees, Wasps and Spiders

This safety training program is designed to train supervisors and employees in the hazards of killer bees, wasps, and spiders. Explains how to avoid the hazards of these insects and first-aid treatment in the event of a sting or bite.

Aftermath of violence on the job
Workplace Violence

Do you know how prevalent workplace violence is? One out of every six violent crimes occurs in the workplace. And while workplace homicides grab the headlines... (homicide is the second leading cause of death on the job and the number one killer of women in the workplace)... other forms of workplace violence happen much more frequently. No organization, regardless of size or type of business, is immune to workplace violence. For these reasons, providing workplace violence training to your employees is essential to a safe workplace.

This safety training video on "Workplace Violence" show employees how to recognize the warning signs of possible violent behavior, as well as how to avoid or defuse potentially dangerous situations. Many topics are covered including: warning signs of potential violence, causes, aggressive behavior, threats, verbal abuse, physical assault and finally, how to create a positive workplace. This is an important addition to any safety training program.

Employee dealing with drug and alcohol abuse
Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Employees

Substance abuse is a huge, worldwide problem. In the United States alone there are over 50 million binge drinkers, 17 million illegal drug users and almost 15 million people who abuse prescription drugs. Most substance abusers have jobs. In fact, it is estimated that one out of every ten workers has a substance abuse problem. An employee with an alcohol or drug problem can decrease productivity, create a hostile work environment and damage a company's good name. Worst of all, the actions of a worker who is "under the influence" can completely undermine a company's efforts to keep people safe.

The first in a two-part series on dealing with drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace, this safety video on "Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Employees" discusses the various types of substance abuse that are found in the workplace, how they can affect an employee's work situation, and what employees themselves can do to help keep their workplace drug and alcohol free. Topics covered in these products include:  How substances are typically abused by employees, alcohol and other depressants,  stimulants, narcotics, hallucinogens, and their effects.   Also, how people get "hooked" on drugs and alcohol as well as helping employees overcome substance abuse.

Drugs, alcohol, pills, and marijuana
Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Managers

The second in a two-part series on dealing with drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace, this safety training video on "Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Managers and Supervisors" discusses the various forms of substance abuse that are typically found in the workplace, how managers and supervisors can detect substance abuse problems, and what they should and shouldn't do if they discover a worker with a substance abuse problem. Topics covered in the products include: How substance abuse can affect a workplace. Laws and regulations related to substance abuse. How to help create an alcohol and drug-free workplace. The role of education and testing in preventing substance abuse. Recognizing on-the-job substance abuse. How to handle substance abuse situations. and more.

First aid box with bandaids and other first aid supplies.
First Aid

This safety training video covers the most common first aid needs.  On most jobsites, every day brings some sort of injury even if it is the most simple.  Minor injuries such as a small cut, or more significant injuries like burns.  This safety training video on "First Aid" will show the trainees how to deal with all of the following:  cuts, bleeding, sprains and strains, burns, basic CPR, and more.  Articifical defibrilators are also covered.   The training video also includes a leader's guide and an employee quiz with answer sheet.  All of your employees should have basic first aid training and this video package is an excellent source of information.

Sign of harassment
Sexual Harassment - What Employees Need to Know

This important video outlines the important aspects of sexual harassment training:   how to define, prevent, and report sexual harassment.  This is a must see video for any workplace.  Available in either English or Spanish, and DVD or VHS format, this video is eight minutes in length.