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Looking for office safety videos and other safety training products?  Look here!  Topics include computer monitor safety, ergonomics, employee safety orientation, and office safety basics.  These office training videos will help ensure that your staff has the knowledge to work safely.
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Computer monitor safety videos

(English) (11 min.) Directed towards individuals using computer monitors (VDT's). Discusses the myths about electromagnetic radiation and other effects of VDT usage. VDTs are safe if properly used. Explains how to avoid eye strain and the persistent neck and backaches when working with VDTs. We also offer a more comprehensive training package on computer workstation safety as well.

Office safety videos

(English) (9 min.) Developed for office workers who need to be trained in safe lifting techniques. Explains how the back functions, and using proper lifting techniques.

Safety in the office video

(English) (9 min.) Oriented to the office environment, this video discusses basic hazard communications, and chemicals used in the office.

Office worker safety training videos

(English) (10 min.) Most incidents and injuries are the result of unsafe acts of employees. This program explains what unsafe acts (behavior) are and how to prevent the cause of most injuries. Explains safety counseling for employees who commit unsafe acts/behavior.

Safe workplace training dvd

(English) (20 min.) Supervisors are responsible for safety, not the company safety manager. Explains a safety program, how the supervisor's actions, enforcement of safety rules, and legal responsibilities are the key factors in an effective program.

Carpal tunnel injury
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome CTS

(English or Spanish) (12 Min.) Describes carpal tunnel syndrome, gives tips on how to prevent CTS, and what employees can do to reduce the effects of these repetitive motion injuries. If your employees perform repetitive tasks, then this training will help alleviate and reduce workplace injuries.

Fire extinguisher training video

Fire extinguisher training plays a critical role in your overall safety training program. The fire extinguisher has the potential to save lives or save property if it is used correctly. This fire extinguisher training video discusses the different types of fires, various types of fire extinguishers, the PASS system for using an extinguisher, and other techniques of using fire extinguishers. Perhaps the most powerful video on fire safety training we offer, the fire gory story will surely make an impact on your employees when it comes to fire prevention training. Regardless of which training product you choose, one thing is for sure - teaching your employees or your loved ones the proper way to use a fire extinguisher is extremely important. These training videos will accomplish that important goal.

Office safety training dvd

(English or Spanish) (8 min) Surveys the safety issues of working in an office environment, which has its own set of dangers and hazards, including slips, trips, falls, open file drawers, and dangerous paper cutters. A brief survey of good ergonomic technique.

Safe workplace dvd

(English or Spanish)(10 min.) Video Display Terminals are used in all offices. Improper use can lead to ergonomic injuries. This video covers work area adjustments, lighting/glare, workstation seating, screen positioning, good work practices, and accessories for VDTs.  We also offer a more comprehensive training kit on office ergonomics as well a more comprehensive package on computer workstation safety.
Safety meeting kit
Wellness & Fitness Safety Meeting Kit

Have "Wellness and Fitness" as your next safety meeting topic with this complete kit!

The "Wellness and Fitness" Safety Meeting Kit™ shows employees how small changes in lifestyles can produce big benefits. While wellness is a gradual process, eliminating negative lifestyle factors can help keep employees healthy. A good wellness and fitness program can significantly improve employees' safety records. Studies have found that accidents and injuries occur less frequently with employees who are healthier and in better shape.

Materials in the kit include a DVD/VHS program, five motivational posters, and 30 employee booklets. The posters in the kit emphasize the importance of wellness/fitness. The DVD/VHS program and employee booklets include information on the importance of "attitude”, blood pressure and other stress related conditions, smoking, nutrition and weight control, drug and alcohol use, exercise, and more. The DVD/VHS program in the kit comes with a comprehensive leader's guide, reproducible scheduling & attendance form, employee quiz, training certificate and training log.