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Looking for safety videos to train your employees on the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE)?  Look here!! Topics include respirator fit testing, eye safety, hearing conservation, and more.
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Personal protective equipment safety training

This safety training program explains personal protective equipment, its use on the job site, and more. If you are looking to train your employees on the need for PPE, the proper uses of PPE and the potential dangers of not using the appropriate gear, this training video is what you are looking for. Available as a DVD or VHS and in an English or Spanish version the video is 10 minutes long.  We also carry a comprehensive PPE training package as well.

Personal protective equipment safety training
HEARING CONSERVATION in the Construction Field

This excellent video training program explains how hearing loss is acquired through noise, what type of protection to use, and emphasizes the employee's responsibility in wearing the equipment when provided. This employee training video is available in a DVD or VHS format and is 12 minutes long. If you are looking for a more comprehensive hearing conservation training program we have that as well.

Personal protective equipment safety training

Program explains the different types of respirators, how they are used, some of their capabilities and limitations. An excellent training program in the use of respiratory protection equipment for employees.  We also carry a more comprehensive PPE training program as well.

Personal protective equipment safety training
EYE PROTECTION for Construction or related fields

Are you looking to reduce eye injuries among your workers? This employee safety training video is an effective program to make employees more aware of their responsibilities in wearing eye protection. The video explains the different types of protection available, first aid procedures when an injury does occur, and more. This employee training program is 10 minutes long, and is available as a VHS or DVD.

Employees with heat stress or heat stroke safety video
HEAT STRESS Training Video

This heat stress training program explains how to protect your body in high temperature and high humidity environments. The safety video discusses precautions to avoid heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and basic first aid procedures for those stricken with heat exposure. This safety training video is available in either DVD or VHS formats, as well as in English and Spanish. The runtime on the video is 9 minutes and the package also includes an employee quiz and answer sheet.

As other options you can also check out our funny heat stress video and our more comprehensive heat stress training kit.

Personal protective equipment safety training

This training video explains why fit testing is necessary, how to properly fit test respiratory equipment, and general information on caring and using equipment. Available in either DVD or VHS, and either English or Spanish language. If your employees use respirators, get them the training they need with this newly updated program that was produced in December of 2008.

Safety training video on fall protection
FALL PROTECTION TRAINING for Any Worker Who Works at Heights

Falling from heights, regardless of how short a distance to the ground, can cause very serious injuries or in many cases death. This fall protection training video covers body harnesses, shock absorbing lanyards, swing effect, rope grabs, retractable lanyards, and much more. Available in either DVD or VHS and English or Spanish this important video will help keep your workers safe on the job.

Several pieces of personal protective equipement including hearing protection, eye protection glasses, a hard hat, and gloves.
Personal Protective Equipement PPE - It's Your Call

(English) (13 Min.)
This safety training video defines what PPE is and shows examples of how personal protective equipment should be used on a daily basis. This training video explains that the worker must choose to use PPE every time; it also shows the consequence of not using PPE on every occasion. This video also includes a complete set of written materials to include a leader's guide and employee quiz with answer sheet.

Safety meeting training materials
"Eye Safety" Safety Meeting Kit

Make "Eye Safety" your next safety meeting topic with this complete kit!

The "Eye Safety" Safety Meeting Kit™ shows how many eye problems are caused by not paying attention to the work employees are doing, or by not wearing the appropriate protective equipment. It reminds employees that eye injuries can easily happen to them and shows them how to prevent these injuries. Most employees take "healthy eyes" for granted. But our eyes are really very fragile, and statistics show that eye injuries occur frequently in the workplace.

Materials in the kit include a DVD/VHS program, five motivational posters, and 30 employee booklets. The posters in the kit emphasize the importance of using proper protective eye wear. The DVD/VHS program and employee booklets include information on physiology of the eye and how it functions, common eye injuries and how they are caused, short and long-term effects of eye injuries, eye care and safety practices, selecting and using appropriate personal protective equipment, and more. The DVD/VHS program in the kit comes with a comprehensive leader's guide, reproducible scheduling & attendance form, employee quiz, training certificate and training log.