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Need quick and to the point videos to spread your safety message? Look here! These videos will teach important safety principles in short 5 minute sessions.
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OSHA Lockout Tagout (5 Minute Short Version) MSDS for Hazard Communication (5 Minute Short Version) Preventing Bloodborne Pathogens (5 Minute Short Version)
Quick training video Quick training video Quick training video on bloodborne pathogens
Quick training video on OSHA lockout tagout procedure. Only 5 minutes in length this video gives you the basics of the important concept of lockout tagout. This video is available in an English version only. We also have a more comprehensive OSHA lockout tagout video. Finally, we have the most complete lockout tagout OSHA compliance kit in our stock as well.

Quick training video on MSDS used for Hazard Communications to your employees. Only 5 minutes in length this video gives you the basics of Material Safety Data Sheets and their use in the workplace. This video is available in an English version only.  If you are looking for the longer more in-depth video click here.

If you are looking for the short 5 minute version of bloodborne pathogen training than look no further. This video is quick but covers the basics of bloodborne pathogens and their prevention. If you are interested in the longer bloodborne pathogens education video we have that as well. Finally, if you are looking for the most complete bloodborne pathogens OSHA compliance kit on the market, we also have that product.

Table Saw and Radial Saw Safety Video Hazard Communications (5 minute quick version) Breaker and Jackhammer Safety
Employee using a table saw while using safety procedures and personal protective equipment Quick training for hazard communications A worker using a jackhammer safely while on the jobsite
Many industries use table and radial arm saws in their daily operations. This important table saw safety training video will show your employee's the importance of using their saws safely. Kick back, eye protection, hearing protection, and machine guarding are discussed in this brief 5 minute video. Give your employees who use saws the safety training that they need with this short video. Available in DVD or VHS versions.

This short 5 minute video covers the basics of the necessary hazard communications training. This is a general industry video that can cover a wide variety of occupations and will work well for most employers who need the required hazcom training. Available in both VHS and DVD formats. We also have a more comprehensive hazard communications training video if you would like the longer version.

Training your employees on the safe use of a breaker or jackhammer is very important. As you know OSHA indicates that all employees must be properly trained when they use any type of tool. A jack hammer, or pneumatic drill, can cause serious injuries so it is vital that your employees who use one be trained on its proper use. This short video gets to the point quick and gives your trainees all they need to know about jackhammer safety protocols.

Shoveling Safety - How to Use the Common Shovel Properly Hard Hat Safety Foot Protection (5 Minute Short Version)
Worker digging a trench with a shovel Hard hat safety area sign Work boots standing on top of hard hat.
Whether your employees use a coal, grain, or standard shovel, proper use will prevent workplace injuries. There are many types of shovels, but safety with that tool means training with this safety training video. Don't let a work injury occur due to improper use of the shovel.

The simple every day hard hat is an important piece of your safety training arsenal.   Employees should understand how this simple piece of personal protective equipment can potentially save their life.  This five minute short video will discuss hard hats in the workplace, the importance of using the hat everyday, and the fact that your eyes, head, and brain will be all the better for it.

This safety training video focuses on an often forgotten safety concern - the feet of your employees. Whether protecting themselves from crush injuries, sprains and fractures of ankles, or amputation injuries, the proper protection of your employee's feet is an important part of any safety training regimen. This short 5 minute video will give your employee's the training they need to properly care for, protect, and reduce injuries to their lower extremities.

Orientation 2000 (5 Minute Version) Fire Extinguisher Training - 5 Minute Quick Version
Clock ticking the time away Fire extinguisher
If you need a quick and straightforward safety orientation video than look no further. When time is short, this video covers several key safety factors and is a good introduction to general safety. Available in either DVD or VHS.

This quick 5 minute training video shows the viewer how to properly use a fire extinguisher. Available in VHS or DVD.  We also have a full length version of the fire extinguisher training as well.