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Looking for safety training videos and other products for your trucking operation or truck drivers?  Look here!  Topics include DOT drug training, back injury prevention, and safety orientation.
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Safety orientation for trucking employees

Meets OSHA requirements for training employees in exposed general hazards. Addresses footwear, clothing, personal protection, lifting safely, material handling, forklift safety, and general safety requirements in a terminal distribution center. This training video is 13 minutes long.

Hazard communication training video for trucking industry

Required by OSHA for training all employees in chemicals/hazardous materials used in the workplace. Explains material safety data sheets, labeling, and basic safety when using these materials. This employee training video is available as a VHS or a DVD and is 9 minutes long.

Distribution center safe lifting video

The variety of lifting tasks in the distribution industry require specific techniques to be accomplished safely. Provides an in‑depth look at proper lifting techniques under difficult conditions, and hazards resulting from incorrect methods. It is definitely a must see program for employees before an accident occurs. Good for retraining employees who experienced a back injury. This training video is available in a DVD or a VHS and is 9 minutes long.

Safe lifting

This is an excellent refresher for drivers on what to inspect on the rig before beginning a haul. Explains fifth wheel, king pin, O ring, and other inspections required before operating the vehicle. This employee training video is 8 minutes long, and is available as a DVD or a VHS.

Safe lifting

Program designed for anyone operating a motor vehicle on freeways or city driving. Explains many basics of the laws as a reminder of awareness of information drivers should know, but have a tendency to forget. California Highway Patrol provides assistance showing drunk driving arrest, court appearance, community service, and much more. High impact for anyone operating an auto, light truck or other on-the-road vehicle.  The run-time on this video is 18 minutes.

Driving cars in the snow on a very stormy and snowy day
Winter Driving Safety

(English) (31 min.) This winter driving safety video program was developed with a group of international experts. The film covers types of winter driving hazards with footage in real winter conditions around the country. Informs the viewer on recognizing hazards and avoiding accidents. This is an excellent film for those having to drive in winter conditions. Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive companion product "Winter Safety" safety meeting kit.

Driver under the influence
Driving Under The Influence or DUI - The Consequences

Do your employees who drive need training on why NOT to drive under the influence? This safety training program simply shows highway patrol officers pulling a driver over who is suspected of operating a vehicle under the influence. Unfortunately DUI issues are quite common amongst employees whether they drive for your company or not. If you are looking to raise awareness among your drivers and non-drivers alike this is a great video to add to your safety training library. Available as a DVD or VHS this video is 11 minutes long and will serve as a powerful deterrent to driving while under the influence.

Fire extinguisher training video

Fire extinguisher training plays a critical role in your overall safety training program. The fire extinguisher has the potential to save lives or save property if it is used correctly. This fire extinguisher training video discusses the different types of fires, various types of fire extinguishers, the PASS system for using an extinguisher, and other techniques of using fire extinguishers. Perhaps the most powerful video on fire safety training we offer, the fire gory story will surely make an impact on your employees when it comes to fire prevention training. Regardless of which training product you choose, one thing is for sure - teaching your employees or your loved ones the proper way to use a fire extinguisher is extremely important. These training videos will accomplish that important goal.

Drug training video for truck drivers

This one hour safety training program is designed to meet the DOT requirements for training truckers in substance abuse and drug testing program. The training video is available as a VHS or a DVD, and is 60 minutes long.

Large delivery vehicle safety training video

Are you looking to reduce potential accidents and injuries for your large truck driver?  This employee training video is an excellent program designed to illustrate safe driving techniques for large delivery or other vehicles.  The training program covers the five keys to safe driving. A must sees for any employee who operates a large vehicle this safe driving video for large vehicles is available in a VHS or DVD format and is 10 minutes long.