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Looking for safety videos for your school, university, or other educational facility?  Look here!! Whether it's teachers, students, custodians, or administrators, the need for safety videos is prevalent.  We cover the most important topics from safety orientation training, hazmat and hazcom education, and bus inspections.  We also offer lab safety and shop safety training videos for students of public schools and universities.
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Safety orientation for school teachers
Safety Orientation for School Teachers

This safety orientation for teachers program meets OSHA requirements about general hazards in the classroom and school environment. Suitable for both inexperienced and experienced teachers, it covers electrical and mechanical safety, lifting, ladders, accident prevention and reporting, chemicals, and more. Excellent video to be shown any time safety is to be stressed with your teaching staff. This teacher safety training program is 15 minutes long and available as a DVD or VHS.

Safety orientation for school adminstration
Safety Orientation for School Adminstrators

This safety training program meets OSHA requirements for offices, school yards, and other school personnel. Topics include safe lifting, ladders and how to properly use them, accident reporting and prevention, and much more. Safety orientation for school administrators is a must see for employees in these critical roles. Available in a DVD or VHS format this safety training video is 14 minutes long.

School custodian and maintenance safety orientation video

This safety orientation video for school custodians discusses general hazards on the job, including hand and power tools, electricity, machine operations, proper lifting, fire, asbestos, personal protection equipment, and more. This safety training video for school custodians is a must see if you are looking to reduce the potential for injuries in this important and high exposure area.  This safety training video is available as a DVD or a VHS and is 18 minutes long.

Safety video for school crossing guards and traffic control persons

This safety video program is designed to reinforce the safety training of persons working as crossing guards or other traffic control persons, including students. This crossing guard safety training video is 9 minutes long.

Training video for school cafeterias on sanitation

This video is designed for training of cafeteria or food service workers. This training video stresses cleanliness, personal hygiene, and provides training in important areas of bacteria and insect/rodent control, temperatures, and more. This safety training video is 13 minutes long and is available as a DVD.

A group of high school science students working in the lab.
Lab Safety For High School Students

This high school science lab safety video is intended to compliment the safety training given by teachers. The overriding emphasis is how to be safe while in the lab setting. Topics such as preventing fires, chemical safety, wearing the proper personal protective equipment are covered in detail. Finally topics like lab equipment, glassware safety, and dealing with acids and flammables are covered as well. If you are looking to prevent accidents from occurring in your school lab setting then this video will start your students off on the right foot. This video is available in either DVD or VHS and is 14 minutes in length.

A group of high school students at shop class
Shop Safety For High School Students

This safety training program for high school shop students covers welding safety, personal protective equipment, mechanical safety, electrical safety, the importance of hand and power tool safety and much more. Preventing injuries in the shop is very important and this video will aid the instructor in teaching the necessary lesson of student safety. Available in either VHS or DVD this safety video is 16 minutes in length.

Man falling through the sky
Unsafe Acts And Human Behavior

Studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of injuries that occur are caused not by employer negligence or training, but instead by the unsafe working practices of employees. The overriding emphasis of this safety training video is showing employees how to reduce those unsafe acts. Available in either DVD or VHS this safety video is 11 minutes in length.

Safety first
A Risk Management Orientation For School Employees

All school employees should watch this training video to ensure they understand the responsibility of managing risks within a school district environment. The programs discusses all types of risk, discusses team efforts to reduce those risks, and helps employees understand how important risk management is to their jobs. This training video is available in either DVD or VHS and is 7 minutes in length.

School safety training videos

This program complies with OSHA training requirements for people in custodial or janitorial jobs. Detailed information is provided for material safety data sheets [MSDS] and labeling, as well as in‑depth coverage of hazard communications.

College Student In The Science Lab
Chemical Fume Hood Safety For Universities

When implementing a lab safety program for universities you will need to have a large focus on laboratory safety. A very important part of this required safety training is the Chemical Hygiene Plan which includes chemical fume hood safety training. This important training video will help keep your staff, students, and professors safe while working in the lab, and specifically while using a chemical fume hood. This video is available in either DVD or VHS and is 11 minutes in length.

Chemical spill in the lab
Laboratory Chemical Spill Procedures For Universities

University laboratory chemical spills are potentially very dangerous to students and staff alike. This safety training video focuses on reducing injuries in the science lab and teaches viewers how to store and properly transport chemicals, how to respond to a chemical spill, and how to avoid having spills altogether. This important video is a must have for your school laboratory. Available in either VHS or DVD.

Cylinder Of Liquid Nitrogen
Cryogenic and Compressed Gas Safety For Universities

This safety training video is for any user of laboratory compressed or cryogenic gases. The training video covers the hazards of these compressed gases, their explosive and corrosive qualities, and asphyxia prevention while using them. This full featured video covers chemical poisoning, the use of personal protective equipment, and cryogenic materials. There is additional information on nitrogen and liquid oxygen handling, as well as the storage of cylinders. Further information is given on proper labeling, storing and identification as well as how to handle leaking or damaged cylinders. Finally, given the nature of these gases, issues such as burns and frostbite are covered as well. This is a full training program for any user of cryogenic or other compressed gas in the school laboratory setting. Available in either DVD or VHS this program is 27 minutes in length.

Laser beam in a lab setting
Laser Safety Training For Universities

If you have university employees, staff or students working in a laser lab then you need this important safety training video. The training informs the viewer of the different classes of lasers, the safety hazards associated with those lasers, as well as signage and labeling requirements. There is further instruction on electrical hazards, what proper personal protective equipment to wear while using a laser, and general safe work practices. This 19 minute training video is available in either DVD or VHS.